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Officine Piccoli, which has been operating in the Italian market for more than 50 years, is a benchmark for reliability and quality in the sheet metal cold machining field..

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A reliable and high quality reference point for the cold machining of sheet metal.

On the Italian market for over 50 years , Officine Piccoli is a reliable and high quality reference point for sheet metal machining.

Continuous investment in updating the machines it is equipped with, a great sensitivity towards innovation and the consequent increase in the level of quality provided to all our customers over the years has given us the skills to cover every need, offering our customers sophisticated machining in terms of laser cutting, plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting e bending.

During our development, we have seen several uses of our work, from the initial activity of fitting-out means of transport (machining for manufacturers of trailers, semi-trailers, demountable and folding trailer equipment ) to those that have gradually developed over time, as in the case of the construction of machines for the working of marble, scrap metal, and in the construction of buildings and lifting equipment or equipment for the ecology sector, all sectors in which the machining of special high quality steels is required (anti-wear, high yield strength, etc.).

The passion that drove us and drives us every day to a search for continuous improvement is the best guarantee we can offer our customers to gain their trust!

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Specialised in cold sheet metal machining, Officine Piccoli, based in Verona, has been working in this field for over fifty years: the best guarantee of reliability for all its customers.

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