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Officine Piccoli is a reference point for third-party sheet metal machining and production

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Steel metal cutting

metal sheets cutting

Officine Piccoli workshops is an important reference point for the processing of sheet metal. At its plant in Verona, the company has the skills to perform the work required on the basis of specific customer project needs. The company's equipment allows the cutting and shaping small and large metal sheets in small or large production lots.

Sheet metal cutting equipment

Using technologically advanced equipment and highly skilled staff, the company has the skills to perform all types of cutting with the various technologies available on the market. In particular, the company has the following:

  • Laser cutting: 2500 x 8000 machining range
  • Plasma cutting: 3000 x 25000 machining range - tilted cutting can be performed with a BEVEL head
  • Oxyfuel cutting: 3000 x 18000 machining range

Laser cutting is performed by pointing of a beam of high power light, which allows the localised vaporization of metal. It is high precision and high speed machining, able to accomplish the maximum cutting sharpness.

Plasma cutting instead melts the metal in a localised cutting area and is suitable especially for medium-high thickness metals, becoming an alternative to oxyfuel cutting with advantages in terms of time and types of cutting, reducing the amount of machining scrap.

Oxyfuel cutting is recommended, in particular, for the cutting of thick plates with the possibility of using battery torches operating simultaneously, thus reducing machining time to a minimum.

Consultancy Service

The high technology and high precision of all the equipment, which is also supported by software for latest generation management, ensure the highest quality of individual executable processes.

Depending on the type of product, the precision and sheet thickness required, we can recommend the best choice of machining.

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Specialised in cold sheet metal machining, Officine Piccoli, based in Verona, has been working in this field for over fifty years: the best guarantee of reliability for all its customers.

Contact us directly for more information about our services and products and get a quick estimate if you need one.

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