The machinery and equipment used for our work

Contattaci Ora

Oxy-fuel cutting

oxyfuel cutting Verona

MESSER with ISO 40 (d 32m) drilling centre. Machining range 18,000 x 3,000 with a thickness of up to 300 mm

Plasma cutting

plasma cutting Verona

MESSER with robotic head for Bevel cutting + straight head, run by 2 HPR 400 A generators with a working range of 25,000 x 3,000 and max thickness up to 50 mm

Laser cutting

laser cutting Verona

BYSTRONIC Bystar max power 4,400 W with a working range of 8,000 x 2,500 and max thickness 20 mm for INOX + Iron and/or max thickness 12 mm for aluminium


Sheet metal bending Verona

1 – BEYELER 12,000 x 1,500 T

2 – SOMO 8.000 x 1.200 T

3 – LVD 4.000 x 320 T

4 – BEYELER 4.000 x 225 T

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Specialised in cold sheet metal machining, Officine Piccoli, based in Verona, has been working in this field for over fifty years: the best guarantee of reliability for all its customers.

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